Saturday, August 15, 2009

James and Eleanor Avery | Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow @ Nellie Castan, Melbourne

August 27 - September 18, 2009

James & Eleanor Avery, Laresa Kosloff, Sanne Mestrom, Dorota Mytych, Izabela Pluta, Amelie Scalercio, Matthew Watts

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peter Madden | My Own Private Idealogue @ Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces, 2009

My Own Private Idealogue | Gertrude Street Art Spaces, Melbourne, Australia

Curated by Emily Cormack

Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces is pleased to present a new exhibition My Own Private Idealogue. This exhibition combines the work of three artists, Joanna Langford, Peter Madden and Rohan Wealleans. Each of these artists employs a highly subjective language to describe personal mythologies, fictional histories and symbolic landscapes.

Whilst these artists employ distinct materials and methods, they are connected through their impulse to appropriate objects, artefacts and historical accounts in a highly personal manner. In their sculptural installations, the often-everyday materials used are imbued with new identities, and become implicated in vast mythological environments.

Peter Madden employs collage to distil meaning from found images, lifting creatures and scenes from National Geographic magazine and reassembling them in vast accumulations and installations. Madden instils his cut-outs with an energy that is all their own – employing the language of connotation to give movement, meaning and combustion to his dislocated creatures as they inhabit their ideographic landscapes.

Joanna Langford’s vast impossible landscapes often feature small wooden ladders and buildings that traverse billowing plastic bag mountain ranges, catering to the needs of a civilization known only to the artist.

The totems, tools and props that populate Rohan Wealleans’ work seem to have been created to cultivate a primal landscape of protrusions and intrusions, constructed from layers of paint, teeth and shark’s jaws that take on Indiana Joneseque tribalism.

Conceptually My Own Private Idealogue fleshes out the relationship between psychoanalysis and post colonialism, examining the extent to which these three artists are responding to our contemporary de-colonised position, in which symbols and histories are readily detachable, and identities and mythologies are personalised as much as they are polemic.

This exhibition features a major selection of work from across Wealleans’ and Madden’s careers and invites the viewer to contemplate the spectrum of their practice, as well as featuring a large-scale, site-specific installation by Joanna Langford.

My Own Private Idealogue will occupy both gallery spaces at GCAS, with the gallery space activated by a collaborative architectural component that will mimic and highlight the unique interplay between these artists’ innovative expressions of their personal, interior worlds.

Bryan Spier exhibiting at RRG in September 2009

Bryan Spier | September 10 - 26, 2009

BRYAN SPIER 'The Dark' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Permanent' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Overlapping' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Modular' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Giant Ocean' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Dots' (2009)

BRYAN SPIER 'Chromatherapy' (2008)

BRYAN SPIER 'Blood with Reeds' (2009)

Pat Foster & Jen Berean Open @ Ryan Renshaw

Melbourne-based collaboration Pat Foster and Jen Berean
open @ Ryan Renshaw Gallery | Friday 21st August, 2009. 6-8pm

The Problem with Stability, 2008

SCAPE Biennial, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Public are the Police, the Police are the Public, Installation View,

Low Expectations, Murray White Room, Melbourne, 2008

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